New Squarespace Website, Who Dis?

A brand new Squarespace website and so much more.

We spend a lot of time designing and developing Squarespace websites for our amazing clients. But sometimes instead of working in your business, it’s best to work on your business. And with this on our mind, we decided it was time to upgrade the Pocketknife website to better reflect who we are as Squarespace designers and developers.

With the new Pocketknife website you’ll see an updated portfolio of Squarespace website designs, more in depth breakdowns of our service offerings (including some new services like Squarespace SEO, Squarespace Help, and Memberships), and a new Squarespace focused blog which will be updated with Squarespace insights, best practices, and tips & tricks.

An improved and updated portfolio of Squarespace work

Over the years we’ve completed hundreds of Squarespace websites for clients from all different industries. And with a lot of new work in our back pocket, we decided it was time to show it to the world. We’re excited to finally display some of our newest work in our updated portfolio, as well as some more in depth case studies, like this one for popular Webby Award winning podcast, Twenty Thousand Hertz.


New and improved Squarespace services

We’ve been designing and developing Squarespace website for years. But our expertise doesn’t just stop at making great websites. We also offer a number of other Squarespace services that your business can take advantage of.

Squarespace Design

We’ll design a brand spankin’ new Squarespace website for your business. Your new website will look like a million bucks (but not cost it), operate at blazing speed, and provide your company with the professional web presence you need.

Squarespace Development

We can take your completed website designs and develop them into a custom Squarespace website. Think of it as your own custom Squarespace template. Your website will look completely original, but will provide you with the powerful Squarespace content management system. We can also do simple development updates to your existing Squarespace website.

Squarespace SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever important aspect of your businesses online presence. Once your new Squarespace website is live you want to make sure Google and other search engines are properly indexing your website. A properly indexed website, with good structure, and great content will rank better in search, and this lead more people to your website. We can help with all of that!

Squarespace Help & Training

Sometimes you just need a little extra help with your Squarespace website. Pair up with one of our team members and we’ll work with you to understand the ins and outs of your Squarespace website. We also offer personalized Squarespace video tutorials for those looking to increase their Squarespace knowledge.

We’d love to work with you!

Guess what? You can hire us to be your go-to Squarespace developers. We’re currently booking work for October of 2019. Now is the perfect time to update, redesign, or create that brand new Squarespace website before the new year approaches. It’ll be here before we know it.

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