Squarespace SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever important aspect of your online presence. Our Squarespace SEO services can help take your website to the next level. Our experts will take your new or current website through our Squarespace SEO process ensuring your website is properly structured, indexed, and more likely to rank for specific keywords.


SEO Audit

We’ll take your website through our Squarespace SEO checklist and provide suggestions on how to improve your website visibility in the Google search engine.

Page Optimization

Page structure, titles, and meta-descriptions are important for your Squarespace website SEO. We’ll go through each page on your website and verify you have everything in proper order for the best results.

Keyword Verification

We’ll do the necessary keyword research for your website. From here we’ll recommend a list of keywords to use in your website content moving forward.

Google Search Console

We’ll assist in getting your Squarespace website connected to the Google Search Console. This free Google tool is important for tracking the ongoing performance of your website SEO.


Improve Your Squarespace Website SEO Today.