Pocketknife Membership

A Swiss Army Solution For Your Squarespace Website.

Let’s face it. You have a business to run. And updating your website often falls to the bottom of your list. With a Pocketknife Membership, we become your Squarespace website management team. We handle your website updates, provide you with quick turnarounds, send you Squarespace insights via our Members Newsletter, and more.

Instead of an expensive retainer with an included number of hours, we charge $99/mo. for membership plus hourly for any design and development work requested. You can use as many or as few hours each month as needed, and you can cancel your membership at any time.

$99/mo + hourly design & development as needed ($99/hr)



Membership ensures that you’ll have direct access to our Squarespace designers and that we’ll reserve time in our schedules for tasks and updates related to your website. Your emails will be prioritized and you can expect a response in under 24 hours, Monday through Friday.


The $99/month membership also covers as much communication time as needed. Feel free to ask questions, request website changes, & schedule phone calls.

Priority Design & Development

When you request a Squarespace website change or update, we’ll give you an estimated turnaround (usually less than 1 week) and get to work. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and incorporate your feedback as we go. Design and development will be billed at our hourly rate ($99/hour). Only pay for design and development hours you use.

We also provide a number of additional members perks including our quarterly members only newsletter, website referral credits, and a complimentary annual Squarespace website review.